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These Tutorials are aimed at introducing you to Resource Tuner, and will give you an overview of the product and understanding of how to use the Resource Editor.

We recommend that you make a backup copy of the target file before modifying it. To this end the option to create a backup copy of the target file is enabled by default. This safety mechanism is intended to prevent the accidental overwriting of any important files.

What are resources and why would I want to edit them?

How to change the icons embedded in EXE files
How to edit the version information
How to edit the dialog boxes
How to edit the menu items
How to edit the strings and messages
How to edit Delphi programs
How to add an application manifest
How to extract multiple resources to disk at once


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Resource Tuner runs on all versions of Windows from 11 and 10 through 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.