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How to edit a menu in EXE files

A menu resource is a collection of items that define the appearance and function of an application menu. A menu is a specialized input control that lets the user select commands and submenus from a list of menu items.

Edit Menu Caption

1. Open your file with Resource Tuner and expand the Menu folder, then select the menu item from the Resource Tree View.

2. Press the Resource Editor button to edit this selected menu resource, or simply double-click the resource item directly.

Menu preview

3. Select the menu item from the Menu Tree and make changes to its caption:

Edit menu caption

4. Press OK to close the Resource Editor and select File > Save File As to save the changes you've just made to the target file. If warned that the image size has changed, click Yes to update the file size.

Menu IDs cannot be edited. These values are hard coded into the target file. Changing them is likely to cause the modified program to crash.


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